Golf Training Systems by Tampa Strength
3-Month Golfing Performance Custom Workout Program

Are you serious about improving your golf game? Get a professional TPI Assessment followed by a 3-month custom workout program and coaching.

Online Titleist Performance Institute Screen

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Custom 3-Month Program

3 month custom program designed specifically for you. Programs will consist of three separate one month phases.

Virtual Mobility Classes

Each week you'll get a new mobility class to further enhance your performance, durability, and recovery.

Personal Coaching

Each member receives a 30 minute coaching call via skype from either Shawn or John once a month.

Exclusive Access

Ask questions of other members of the program and receive daily tips/motivational posts from Shawn and John.

Golf Assessment

You'll See the Results

At the end of the program we'll perform a second Titleist Performance Screen to show you your results.

Cade Koch Client

His workouts allow you to move so much better during your golf swing.